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Check out the feedback down below and the gameplay here (the 2d game):

My feedback


1. The story seem interesting. I wish to find out more, also, I liked how environment tell something as well (a torn up tent, for exepmle)

2. I like the concept of solving puzzles (especially liked the Morse code one))

3. I like the style - there are a lot of details, the scenes are picturesque and deep.

Disadvantages (and propositions):

1. There is something wrong with proportion - maybe hero should get smaller when he goes towards the background, so he doesn't get bigger than the house.

2. There are lots of bugs - Sometimes hero won't move, sometimes things from the tent fall twice, and sometimes the puzzle son't work (it says that I solved it but nothing after that changes).

3. There is no music - I had to add it in the vid, it was not hard but made a nice addition to the gameplay)

Overall: I liked the idea and I see the potential, but there is still a lot to be done.

game hay lam nha