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A small game made for the "My First Game Jam: Winter 2020".

The theme for this game jam was "Cold" so my team and  I developed the prototype for a game that uses a colder climate as the setting while we learned how to use the Adventure Game Studio. We used this game jam as an opportunity to branch out into other game development programs for our GAME 420 class.

The game is a small demo for the very beginning of a sierra/verbcoin style 2D horror game based around Native American legends, specifically the Wendigo. You are a journalist exploring a mysterious mountain range in the remote Canadian wilderness.  You are investigating the mysterious disappearances of an entire expedition crew along with a few hikers. A total of 13 people have completely vanished without a trace., and you're going to find out what happened to them by digging up clues in an abandoned campsite nearby the base of the mountain range.

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Published 19 days ago
Tags2D, Horror, Point & Click

Install instructions

Just download the zip folder provided.


WhenToGo_Group3.zip 5 MB
GAME 420 Game Jam 2 .docx 12 kB


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